Pinaki Ranjan Saha (Managing Director)

namoshkar, welcome to hub kreatives pvt ltd. meet pinaki ranjan saha, the creator, the maker and the developer of hub.

want to know about him?

well he is a charismatic bengali married to a punjabi; professionally managing almost all communities yet chose to take up the culture of communication.

pinaki is a grounded man who spent an enormous part of his life working in various agencies. it took him 15 years to finally put his dreams to reality. for him hub is not just an agency, it’s an award he earned from his dedication and hard work. it is a tangible form of his dream; to give brands a life.

he is a self made man who placed creativity and business together. he believes in empathizing the work for best results.

he believes that every work big or small should be done equally with a motive of building a brand. it’s his direction that the team loves doing their work. he makes sure that hub is a family with his grounded approach.

pinaki and creativity are like two sides of a coin. though he has today reached a level where directing the company is his first role, he still finds himself getting a thrill while listening a brief.